Scuba Diving

SCUBA = Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

Before Hawaii

It all started back in the beginning of August, 2010. I was about to go to Hawaii and remember my brother got his certification for Open Water Scuba Diver through SSI. I randomly decided to get my Open Water because 1) I wanted to be able to dive with my brother, and 2) I wanted to dive in Hawaii, so I Googled for it in my area. That led me to Blue Horizons who provide PADI certifications. After doing my Open Water by mid-August I still had dives left so I did two more certification dives which went toward my Advanced Open Water. I got my Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air Nitrox 48 hours before my flight to Hawaii! I was ready to have a blast and certified to dive 100ft deep.

After Hawaii

I realized I had found a calling for a hobby and wanted to make this a secondary profession I could do on weekends. Since then I have gotten many PADI and DAN specialty certifications and have enriched the quality of my life doing so. I hope you give diving a chance because it is well worth the cost for the initial recreational diver. The certification lasts for life with no renewels. If you don't dive for a couple years I recommend taking a Scuba Review.

My highest certifications

PADI Training (highest ranking at top)

DAN Professional Training (highest ranking at top)

I'd like to thank...

I'd like to thank the Blue Horizons staff, Chris Donnelly, and Derek Freres. Chris has been a huge help introducing me to diving and has been patient with answering any and all questions I have. Derek is probably the strongest force in my diving life providing me my training and encouragement to improve. I am currently enrolled as a Divemaster student under him and probably would not have if he weren't there. My parents, of course, because they unconditionally provide me support and encouragement for all my activities and education!

Dive in Aquariums!

Diving you say? For free you say? In a national aquarium all year around you say? Sign me up!

Many aquariums around the country offer Volunteer Diving programs where divers assist with maintenance of the marine life tanks and perform shows for park visitors. Here's a small list of aquariums near me which offer these programs. Check your local aquarium for this opportunity!

One way to find an aquarium to Volunteer Scuba is to Google "aquarium volunteer scuba <your city>" without the quotes.

Recommended links for divers and travellers