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Now compatible with x64 editions of Windows.

What is UHARC?

UHARC v0.6b Created by Uwe Herklotz
Free Closed Source Software
It is a super compressor and I've been able to compress as much as 1.3GB of uncompressed data down to 180MB.

What is UHARC CMD?

UHARC CMD Created by Sam Gleske
FREE (as in beer) and open source software!
UHARC CMD integrates the command line compressor UHARC v0.6b, created by Uwe Herklotz, into the Windows shell. UHARC CMD is unique from other UHARC GUI's in that it doesn't use any compiled source code to interface UHARC with the Windows Shell. It uses a set of batch scripts. The installer and UHARC CMD settings are compiled using NSIS. It's as easy as right clicking on files/folders and clicking compress!

Special features


What inspired me to make UHARC CMD?
Well I first discovered UHARC 0.4 a couple years back it was/is an AMAZING compressor. Then I stumbled upon UHARC GUI 2.0 created by BRHACK and MuldeR. I felt this software was also stellar and it is also a GUI front end for UHARC 0.4 which is the same time when I started developing UHARC CMD. My 1.0 software addressed issues that UHARC GUI did not.

Then I discovered UHARC 0.6a which was simply even more AMAZING and compressed even more than UHARC 0.4. It is around the same time I also discovered UHARC GUI 3.06 created by MuldeR. This is after I came out with UHARC CMD 1.3 (Build 12).

I believe UHARC CMD had a base of UHARC 0.4 up until version 1.2. And then support for UHARC 0.6b as well as SFX creationg was included in 1.3 (Build 12). Encryption for archives and SFXs was the big change for 2.0. Now to come is UHARC CMD 2.1!


I've gotten a few emails of concerned people wondering why they've seen in the batch scripts the following code:
ping -n 4 >NUL
That ping is not actually connecting to the internet. is known as the loopback IP address and is used to troubleshoot your NIC.
I'm not actually troubleshooting your NIC. The Windows Command Prompt does not have a sleep function so I am using that little hacker technique to pause the batch script so it sleeps. In particular that batch command is pausing the script for 4000ms or 4 seconds.